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Ensure the Success of the Training and Development of your Employees Through Micro-Learning

Training as a Means of Staff Retention and Development

The rapid evolution of information technologies and increasing competition across all sectors of activity are pushing companies to be more agile and adapt significantly to ensure success within their industry. Of course, achieving these organizational goals begins with qualified personnel.

This situation also explains the many investments made by several companies in training tools to improve the learning and development of their workforce. These include video content management and learning management systems, as well as training content development resources. But is there an even more effective formula for training employees? There may be an answer to this question.

Consider Micro-Learning

It is not trivial that business leaders are now turning to micro-learning to meet their training needs for their employees. Indeed, this virtual training formula promotes an independent learning experience through concise video capsules adapted to the needs of the industry in which the organization in question operates. Among these advantages, this type of training is distinguished in particular by:

  • Its Affordability
    Developing and setting up a micro-learning platform within a company is only a fraction of the costs of those typically associated with setting up traditional training.
  • Its Uniqueness
    Micro-learning platforms, such as Tuto, allow you to personalize your content to your business image and needs.
  • Unparalleled Accessibility
    By its digital form, micro-learning courses are easily found within playlists, and completed at the learner’s pace, anytime and anywhere.
  • Rapid Implementation
    Due to their short duration, micro-learning capsules can be assimilated quickly. Easy editing to reflect the latest industry trends is a snap, for example.
  • Better Retention of Information
    Conciseness of the capsules promotes concentration and ultimately leads to increased absorption of the information taught.

To learn more about micro-learning, see the Introductory Guide to Micro-Learning.


So how do you create practical “micro-learning” training for your employees?

  • Choose the Right Subject
    Make sure that the theme of your course or training reflects the subject you want to teach. Keep in mind that the duration of your capsules will be limited. Be concise, and choose only one topic to be covered by video.
  • Create a Plan
    On the same token, creating an outline containing the main points you want to cover in your capsule will allow you to avoid repetition or move away from your original topic. A plan also enables you to make sure that your content is engaging from start to finish.
  • Cut, Cut, Cut
    If you decide to write a detailed script for your content, re-read it several times and cut out the unnecessary. Remember that getting lost in multiple ideas can distract learners and create confusion. Keep it simple and only present what is essential to understand the topic.
  • Use Multimedia Elements
    Make it appealing and increase commitment to your training using multimedia elements, such as images, quizzes, videos or screen sharing. Some platforms, such as Tuto, also have the functionality to add files as attachments to a video to improve the learning experience for learners. Make sure, however, that the visuals you present are relevant and that they don’t overwhelm your content. Indeed, these can sometimes distract users; pay close attention to find the right balance.
  • Follow up
    Follow up on learning and confirm that information is retained by your learners’ by carrying out material consolidation questionnaires. Inserting compulsory quizzes sporadically within your capsules requires active listening on the part of your staff.
  • Equipping your staff
    Given the short duration of your training, it may be relevant to provide your employees with additional resources and encourage them to use these to understand the material fully. However, this additional information should only complement or enhance the main content. In other words, your capsule should be complete and understood without using them.


Precious Value for your Organization

By creating dedicated video clips adapted to your staff members, you are certainly contributing to the prosperity of your organization. Thanks to distance training, your employees have the opportunity to increase their skills and abilities quickly and on their own. As the environment changes and evolves, organizations today have no choice but to make sure their teams look for new trends and keep their knowledge up to date. Through micro-learning, staff training is undoubtedly an added value for any organization wishing to ensure its success.

Using our micro-learning tips and tricks is a great starting point when getting started in distance learning. Educating yourself as you are doing increases your chances of success from the outset.

If you have any questions or wish to learn more about the different ways micro-learning can help your business succeed, contact one of our experts. It is with great pleasure that we will accompany you in each step of the design of your project.


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