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Tuto Offers you the
Freedom of Content

Our training platform and our content creation partners make it possible to make all the decisions regarding the creation of your training content in order to offer video content customized to your image.
Everything-in-Hand Plan

Create High Quality and Engaging Training

  • Training Optimized for Video

    Take advantage of our methodology to structure your training courses and optimize them for video.
  • Your Speakers Prepared for the Camera

    Our director helps your speakers evolve in their ability to deliver training in front of the camera.
  • Add Value to your Programs

    Take advantage of our shooting and production methodology, to create captivating and optimized trainings for the standardization and delivery of high volume productions.
Flexible Formula

Let us Help you Build your Creation Toolbox

  • Your Visual Material

    Our flexible formula adapts to your existing material and/or your material produced by your own resources.
  • Create a Consistent Visual Language for all of your Trainers

    We develop for you a toolbox for the visual design of your video content, so you needn't worry about the quality of the visuals of your capsules.
  • Level the Visual Quality of your Training Videos

    We structure and adapt your training videos ready for delivery on the platform.

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