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Case Study

The OCQ Chooses Tuto to Provide Continuing Education to its Members


Professional Order


Create an alternative to the face-to-face training that was mandatory for permits of members of the Order.

Main challenges

  • Make available 1 course cycle corresponding to two years of training
  • Ensure training follow-up
  • Follow up on obtaining continuing education units
  • Assess the skills of members

Key features

  • Questionnaires currently being played
  • Monitoring of training hours
  • Management of training cycles
  • Generating of detailed reports


In a context where face-to-face training was no longer possible, the OCQ had to find an alternative avenue allowing its members to complete their compulsory courses remotely, while maintaining their commitment to training.

It was also necessary to find a reliable way to assess the skills acquired by chiropractors and to generate reports related to the training taken.


After considering the option of live training, the order finally opted for the implementation of Tuto, in order to facilitate distance learning of their members at their own pace. Thanks to Tuto, the members of the order were able to follow their training according to the schedule that suited them best. Our learning method, based on the implementation of short capsules, was a real success with registered members and allowed more than 96% of them to complete their courses.

The order has been able to provide quality training to many more members than anticipated and has been able to ensure its leadership role in these uncertain times and despite the management challenges caused by the pandemic.


  • 842 Members who have adopted the platform and integrated it into their hectic schedules to improve their knowledge.
  • 9 745 Training hours taken in total on the platform,
    excluding uncompleted training capsules.
  • 68% More registrations than initially planned during the implementation of Tuto in the organisation.
Make The Difference

Raising the Standards

The order's continuing education team was committed to produce high quality content for its members. This is why, as of 2021, it will take part in the Elevation program and offer video content optimized for online training to its network members.
  • 96%

    of users say they are very favorable to
    follow other online training.
  • 92%

    of users are very satisfied
    with the platform.
  • 90%

    of members have completed the 12hrs of compulsory training.

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